29 Oct 2020 21:28 IST

IIM Ahmedabad gets a solar power plant

The 365 kWp solar plant has generated 80,000 units of electricity for the campus

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, successfully installed its first rooftop solar power plant with a total capacity of 365 kWp to build a sustainable campus. The trial run commenced on July 14 and the plant is now fully operational. The plant has generated about 80,000 units of electricity till end September and thereby saved approximately 70 tonnes of CO2 emission.

IIMA is committed to increasing the use of renewable energy, and the implementation of this project is being carried out in phases. On completion of phase one with 365 kWp capacity, it is likely to add around 50 kWp in phase two over the next few months. In subsequent phases, the electricity generation from rooftop solar could be ramped up to 50 per cent of the requirement.

The first phase was completed in the new campus on top of five set of buildings including dorms, MSH, IMDC wings, academic blocks, and sub-station. On a regular academic day, we are likely to save up to 15 per cent from the conventional consumption of new campus with the completion of first phase.

Through this initiative, the aim is “to enrich the on-campus experience for community members and visitors through the application of sustainable technology to improve lifestyle and reduce carbon footprint.”