04 Jun 2020 15:15 IST

Strong personal connections take online classes forward

Students from diverse parts of the country make online classes vibrant, constructive

I was filled with anticipation and enthusiasm as I logged into the historic online inauguration of IIM Bangalore’s one-year MBA programme, the EPGP 2020-21 batch. I cannot deny that I had my fair share of doubts about the novel mode of conducting the programme. But the seamless way the inauguration was held helped me get rid of my preconceived notions.

Classes commenced a day after the inauguration. I was left awestruck by the humility and the empathy of the professors. I feel that the interactive course structure has already had an impact on my thinking process, helping me develop a new and incisive way of looking at different aspects of an issue.

Vastly diverse cohort

One of the most exciting things that I always look forward to during the ‘virtual’ classroom sessions is the interaction with classmates and learning from the vastly diverse cohort. It is at once a strange and pleasant feeling as we students connect and engage with one another from different corners of the country and make the classroom vibrant with constructive discussions. Over the past month, I realise that we have built strong personal connections, and we cannot wait to sit together in a class on the campus and take forward our discussions.

Times have been uncertain. Yet nothing can dampen our spirits. We have marched forward, together, against all odds. And with all my heart I believe that over the next one year, we will all be transformed individuals, capable of not only leading large organisations but leaving a profound impact on society at large.

(The author is a trained civil engineer, with almost nine years of professional experience in the Indian infrastructure industry. He is currently attending online classes from Kalyani — a small town 48 km north of Kolkata, West Bengal)