08 Jun 2020 18:14 IST

Top-notch content, faculty interaction and peer insights drive learning

Given IIMB’s rigorous EPGP curriculum I had to scale up efficiency to factor in other activities too

The online classes of IIM Bangalore’s virtual EPGP 2020-21 course began with the mixed emotions of excitement about the course content along with the expected prejudices against and apprehensions related to the online medium. However, what followed after the inaugural has been a very enriching experience. In my case, the attitude of a reluctant scholar has been changed to an enthusiastic learner. Top-notch content, varied industry insights shared by classmates and the interactive mode ensured by the professors have made such learning an excellent experience.

The practice of random ‘cold calling’ for answers by professors has kept everyone on their toes. Our mindsets have changed from being ‘Why me?’ earlier to ‘Why not me?’ now. I wish such a system is followed across all institutes of the country, as this approach will significantly enhance the quality of class participation. However, the temptations for an early resumption of classroom classes have been raised as the expectation bar has now been set even higher.

Attending classes at home has enabled me to share many insights from different case studies with my parents, who have no corporate background. But even they could acknowledge the rationale of many successful strategies and reasons for the failed policies that I discussed with them. This way, I tried to make them happy and proud of me while being associated with my journey, which, in a way, tested my communication skills.

The first week of the course came as a disruptor to me. Rigorous curriculum, a lot of pre-reads suddenly pushed me out of my comfort zone. All other activities went for a toss to manage the academics. It is then I realised that I needed to scale up my efficiency, to take out time for all other activities too. Having a balanced routine during this rigorous one-year MBA programme will set the tone for a healthy work-life balance after that in my life. So, quick adaptability has now brought back all activities from studies, sports, and good sleep.

We all hope to do justice to this wonderful opportunity we have got to study at IIM Bangalore.

(After completing his graduation at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in 2014, the writer has been working at Coal India Ltd. After the EPGP course, he hopes to make a smooth transition from the public sector to the corporate sector.)