21 Nov 2016 20:02 IST

Suri reminisces about his life at Manipal

Rajeev Suri, President and CEO of Nokia, adresses the the students of Manipal Institute of Technology in Manipal.   -  THE HINDU

Recalls days at the hostel and his visits to a movie theatre in Udupi

People may head major organisations, but when it comes to the institutions they’ve studied at, there will always be nostalgia attached to it.

Rajeev Suri, President and CEO of Nokia, who graduated in electronics and communications from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1989, recalled his days at the hostel and his visits to the film theatre in the town of Udupi nearby, during the second day of the convocation at Manipal University on Sunday.

Addressing the students, , Suri said: “Even as much has changed in the world since my graduation in 1989, the greatness of Manipal has not. In 11th grade I told my father that this was the university for me, and it was.”

“But more than that , it’s a place diverse in ideas, experiences, people, an extraordinary mix of hard work, all-day studying in the reference library during exam time, walking at Sunset Point, weekend movies at Diana’s, and having a mid-work midnight bun masala at the carts on the other,” Suri said about Manipal.

On life on the Manipal campus, he said: “A place of close friendship, and having lived with seven friends in D-16 in my third and fourth years, I guarantee you that I know the meaning of close.”

“All the richness of life, all key to making me who I am today, just as your experience here will be key to who you will be,” he told the students.