16 September 2015 10:07:18 IST

Thapar University student cracks Google Summer of Code

The BE second-year student developed three modules for the project

A student from Patiala-based Thapar University has cracked the Google Summer of Code 2015 - one of the most prestigious global competitions in computer programming for virtual interns. Karan Purohit, a BE second-year student of the university’s computer science engineering department, has won a $5,000 scholarship from Google for this achievement.

After getting selected for the virtual internship programme on the basis of his project proposal, Purohit was given an opportunity to work for an open source organisation, selected by Google itself every year, for three months from May 25 to August 28.

Purohit developed three modules for the project titled 'Improving field dynamics for Pysoy Core'. Working on the fields module of PySoy, a software that acts as 3D cloud game engine for the programming language Python 3, he designed and implemented an application programming interface (API) for the developers so that they could easily implement fields like wind, acceleration, monopole (like electrostatic force) and buoyancy in a game they intend to build using PySoy.

Ecstatic about the achievement, Purohit described Google Summer of Code as a great learning experience. “What is more awesome is that you work from the comfort of your home and even get paid for it. I would advise students who are eyeing this competition next year to have a strong command over at least one programming language,” he said.