31 May 2019 17:39 IST

What exchange students say about life at LIBA

Maxence, Albane and Martin

Students from NEOMA and IESEG, France, share experiences of studying at LIBA, living in India

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) was happy to welcome three international students from France for the semester January to March this year. Maxence and Albane, from NEOMA Business School, and Martin from IESEG School of Management, spent three months studying at LIBA and left with a wide exposure to the country and its people as much as their important academic experience at LIBA.

Classroom atmosphere

24-year-old Albane Hartemann, student of NEOMA Business School, France chose to do part of her MBA at LIBA. She found the process of taking notes with pen and paper very refreshing as the use of laptops during class was not encouraged. She found that taking down notes by hand helped her in remembering the lectures better. She also said that she felt more focused and that she did not get easily distracted because of this process. She was in awe of the wonderful connect the professors had with the students and left with happy memories of LIBA.


22-year-old Martin Simon, student of IESEG School of Management, travelled across the country apart from doing a semester of his MBA at LIBA. He was surprised by the varied cultures the country had to offer. He enjoyed studying at LIBA and has plans to visit Chennai again in the future. In his brief stay in India, he visited the Taj Mahal at Agra, the country’s capital, Delhi, the Pink City - Jaipur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Hampi, in Karnataka, which is famous for its ancient temples and monuments and Kovalam beach. His travels taught him a lot about the history and geography of India.


22-year-old Maxence Henry, student of NEOMA Business School, chose to study in LIBA for a semester as a friend of his had recommended the same. During his time in India, apart from significant takeaways from his MBA component at LIBA, he also had a good exposure to the city of Chennai, its people and culture. According to Maxence, the people of Chennai were warm and welcoming, showing utmost hospitality. He is in awe of the 400-year old history of the city, known not just for its unique culture but also for its distinctive cuisine. Being of French origin, he loves experimenting with food wherever he travels. In India, he enjoyed mildly spiced, coconut-infused dishes. He made numerous friends at LIBA and left with several new learnings.

Personal touch

All the three students were appreciative and amazed by the personalised mentorship provided by the faculty at LIBA. They also expressed that the students at LIBA were friendly and kind. They got to celebrate Indian festivals like Holi and Pongal and really enjoyed their time in India.