15 Nov 2019 19:18 IST

Workshop on drama and storytelling at XLRI

Theme of the workshop was ‘The creative and the critical: transforming through creative learning’

The Centre for Peace and Justice, XLRI, and Centre for Research and Training in Educational Leadership organised a two days drama and storytelling workshop ‘The creative and the critical: transforming through creative learning’ by a renowned theatre artist, playwright, actor and storyteller Daniel Kelin from the Honolulu Theatre, US.

Daniel was welcomed by a group of Santhali dancers from Jamshedpur, and girls from the local Sacred Heart Community College.

Teachers from various schools such as KPS schools located in Gamharia, Mango, Kadma, Burma Mines and NML participated.

Deeper understanding

At XLRI, Kelin interacted with the Dracula drama group and GMP students on using drama and theatre as a tool to break free inhibitions and develop new theatre techniques.

Prof Paramjyot Singh, Chairperson, Centre for Peace and Justice, XLRI Jamshedpur, said: “The workshop was indeed a very successful one. The participating teacher and student community got a deep understanding that making drama and story-telling an integral part of the teaching learning tools can create a high impact environment for students. Participants got the opportunity to interact with a distinguished Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Awardee Daniel Kelin.”