31 Jan 2017 17:26 IST

A holistic experience

You learn everything at LIBA, but here work is fun

I chose to do my MBA at Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) because of its brand value across India and excellent placement records. (A contributing factor was also that I passed the entrance examinations with flying colours!) After spending the past nine months here, I realise that there is a lot more to LIBA than what meets the eye. LIBA is not just an institution but an experience that any student would cherish.

LIBA is located in Nungambakkam, in the heart of Chennai, and is one of the group institutions located on the Loyola campus — which has arts, engineering and business colleges, all in one place. The campus is spotless and the recently revamped classrooms are air-conditioned and spacious. The Loyola grounds are gorgeous, with greenery all around. We have a football ground, cricket ground and tennis and badminton courts. In fact, LIBA is quite famous for its sportspersons.

Cultural diversity

What I enjoy most at LIBA is its cultural diversity and the staff-student interaction. In my class, there are people from Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal, Telangana and and Kerala, among others. I had the opportunity to share my experiences in Chennai with them, get to know them, interact with them and understand their culture, practices and places. We have grown close within a very short time and I know that these friendships will last throughout my life.

The faculty here is the best, truly. Our relationship extends beyond classrooms, with them sharing their valuable expertise, knowledge and insights. They’re never very strict, yet also never lenient. Most have worked all over India, some are Ph.Ds, some are pursuing a Ph.D, and some have been trainers in institutes. This helps us learn and understand the pros and cons of each stream.

Classes go on for seven hours, but the networking and fun times last way beyond that. Movies, birthday parties, cultural activities, functions, celebrations — there is no shortage of fun and entertainment in the campus.

Many of us have come to LIBA after working for some time. In fact, more than half of of us have work experience. This has exposed me to people with a wealth of experience from different industries, which I would’ve never got in my lifetime. People are here from all sectors: manufacturing, IT, FMCG, automobiles. Interactions with them have been invaluable and I would rate these on a par with the classroom experiences.

A little of everything

The quality of education is very high, with both instructor-led and student-led activities. These are peppered with real-life business problems, technical and general guest lectures (we call them BMI sessions), case studies, group activities and games, take-home assignments, and presentation seminars. There is a fine blend of theory and practice. We get to be trained as leaders, to think and act decisively in any situation.

To sum it up, LIBA has everything for you — training, knowledge, fun, entertainment, recreation, relaxation and interaction. You will be witness to a holistic experience, second to none in terms of the happiness and satisfaction it gives you.

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