20 Jun 2016 20:53 IST

Chill out to be more productive!

The next time you feel stressed at work, take a break

Though a lot has been said about enhancing productivity by allowing employees to take regular breaks, the idea seems to have different connotations for different people.

While some find it necessary to retain or improve their focus on the task at hand, others worry that a break might label them as ‘lethargic time-killers’. Regardless of individual perceptions, research indicates that individuals must take regular breaks to relax their brain muscles and replenish their mental resources. Here are seven effective ways you can take breaks and be more productive at work.

Chat with colleagues

Take some time off to catch up with a colleague over tea. Just talking about general topics not related to work, can temporarily relieve you of the pressure of deadlines and help put things in perspective.

Check out your social media accounts

Going through your Facebook and Twitter accounts using your employer’s network may not be the right thing to do, but you can access social media on your smartphone.

Scroll through those posts on your networking sites once in a while to check out the most trending topics relevant to your industry. This will help take your mind off pressing issues and, when you’re back to work, you can approach matters with a stress-free mind.

Read up information about your industry

One of the best ways to take a quick break from what you are doing is surfing the internet every now and then for news and information related to your industry. This way, you can take a break from routine tasks, while at the same time learning about industry information that can be useful in your day-to-day work.

Eat lunch outside

Instead of having lunch at the office canteen, head out to a nearby restaurant. The mid-day change in atmosphere is likely to revive your spirit and leave you feeling fresh. If you go out with your colleagues rather than going alone, you’d also have something new to talk about, such as food served at the restaurant – quite a nice stress reliever!

Go jogging or visit the gym

If your office comes with gym space, spend a good 20 minutes working out. Or see if you can have a quick jogging session. Cardio helps release endorphins that elevate your mood and help take better decisions.

Read a book

Get hold of a book that is totally unrelated to your line of work and give it a short read. Reading newspapers helps as well.

Reading helps you shift your current thought processes and simultaneously works on your ability to express your ideas. Not to mention the fact that a good book can temporarily transport you to a parallel universe, away from all the deadlines and work pressures.

Be mindful of your breaks

By being mindful, we don’t mean putting a cap on the duration of your break, which you are bound to do instinctively. To be mindful of your breaks means to be aware of your thoughts so that you do not carry your work-related bucket list over to your break time. Irrespective of how you choose to take a break, ensure that you are truly away from work in mind and in spirit.

Give these simple tips a try and you’ll see that work isn’t as stressful as you thought it was!