30 Nov 2017 21:44 IST

A beginner’s guide to content marketing tools

Studies have ruled that content is king. But how do you know what will work for your brand?

With content marketing taking over the advertising and branding world by storm, it is a no-brainer that content is king. From viral videos and engaging blog posts to funny memes and helpful reviews, all global organisations are leveraging the power of content to attract an audience to their website and engage them till they are converted from leads to consumers . According to a recent survey, a whopping 88 per cent of leading B2B giants swear by the effective results of content marketing in showcasing their services and generating leads. Read on to get a closer insight into the top content marketing tools you can use for a successful content marketing campaign.

~ Buzzsumo is by far the most effective content marketing tool. It gives you a detailed report on what type of content generates maximum amount of engagement as per your industry, the keywords you’ve used, and your competitor’s website. It also provides you with a list of influencers to help with content promotion. Apart from being the most effective tool, Buzzsimo is also very easy to use and is available with a free trial. All you’ve got to do is enter your keyword and it generates a report of the top performing posts along with the number of shares on various social media platforms. Using this report, you can work on a strategy based on the type of content that works for your competitors and your target audience.

~ When it comes to content marketing, it is obvious that the higher the quality of your content, the more potential it has to keep your readers engaged. Klout makes sure your content is nothing less than perfection by suggesting topics your competitors are yet to generate and tracking the results of your content for better reach. It also suggests topics and types of content based on the interest of your target group. Additionally, this helpful tool has a section with top expert opinion on your overall content marketing strategy and the boost it needs to be shared on all leading social media platforms to showcase your brand.

~ Using a high-end editing tool is crucial to make sure your content is grammatically correct and structured well. Hemingway Editor is one of the top editing tools that one can use to create stunning content. It is available with a free trial. The tool highlights sentences that are hard to read and provides simpler alternatives to complex ones. Apart from advanced grammatical corrections, it also provides a readability report on your entire content. Furthermore, you can activate the tool before you start writing so your text gets corrected as you write so you’ll have a ready document and don’t have to go back and edit it.

~ Hubspot helps brands in all the steps of content marketing right from reaching their target group to converting them to loyal customers. This master tool has subordinate tools that benefit every aspect of content marketing, such as blogging, email marketing , creating landing pages, creating content for social media, website content, search engine optimisation and marketing automation, to name a few. Though the tool is a little advanced, it is guaranteed to help brands with a plethora of content marketing reports and strategies, whether you are a well-established organisation or an enthusiastic start-up. It is also available with a 30-day trial.

~ Creating content is just one part of the puzzle. A fool-proof content marketing strategy is one that contributes vigorously to conversions and this is where the effective Google Analytics steps in. Google Analytics is the most useful tool to track the performance of your content. This free tool provides you with all kinds of information, for example, it could give you an understanding of how much traffic your content is attracting, the top keywords that work best for your content, and the demographics of your audience, among other things. With this information, you can better mould your strategy and create content that works.

~ Answer the public is a powerful content marketing tool that will give you a better understanding of what users are searching for. This automated tool is free, easy to use, and is a visual treat as well. Based on the keywords you enter, it provides users with a detailed report of the questions people are asking online, segregated in hows, wheres, whos, whats and whys. This information is presented in images and can be downloaded for offline research or to add an edgy touch to presentations.

These powerful tools are guaranteed to boost your content marketing campaigns and give your brand the recognition and status it deserves. It is time you add these to your overall marketing strategy and widen your clientèle.

You can also check out the various keyword research tools to improve your SEO and consider turning your blog posts into videos to amplify your content marketing strategies.