03 Mar 2020 19:00 IST

Create an impactful Instagram campaign for your brand

There is a lot of fascinating and engaging content on the platform that can help you can stand out

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with about one billion active users every month. This number is expected to increase further as the reach of the internet continues to grow. With the massive audience on Instagram, it’s no wonder that this platform has come as a boon for businesses to build brand awareness and engagement.

There is a whole lot of fascinating and engaging content on the platform, and it can be challenging for brands to make their content visible. So here are a few ideas to create an impactful Instagram campaign that can make your brand’s content stand out and help you meet your business goals.

Set your goal right

The first and foremost step in creating an Instagram campaign is to set your goal. This is the foundation laid to streamline further steps as other ideas and planning will align with the goal that you have planned. The goal can be anything like driving traffic to your page, increasing awareness or engaging with your audience. Your campaign strategy will be directly linked to meet the objective that you have set.

Who is your target audience?

This is the next question that you need to answer. On this extensive platform, reaching out to all might be extremely difficult given that every campaign will have a fixed budget. This is why you should fix your target, be it working professionals or students. This will help you come up with ideas to cater to the audience and attract their attraction to get them involved in your campaign strategy.

Brainstorming session

Next, it’s time to think up some enthralling ideas for your campaign. It is best to use current and viral news to create an impact on your audience and also to provide relatable content. Get ready with your posts or animated videos well in advance with creative ideas and solutions.

If you are planning on conducting a competition, then offer incentives or prices to attract your users. Also, reaching out to influencers will give the extra push and visibility to your brand campaign. A great Instagram strategy will include each of these elements for a holistic approach.

Fix your budget

It is better to plan with a specified budget in mind so that we can work towards the goal within a proper estimate of expenses. If you need to reach out to influencers to boost your campaign, you must allocate the required funds for this. But if you are planning a campaign for the first time and are confused about the budget to start with, then begin with the lowest budget. With experience, you will be able to allocate the required expenses for your campaign. The duration of the campaign planned is also an important parameter that decides the costs.

Use relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is the key to improving your user engagement. This is used to increase your campaign or boost the post’s visibility. Sometimes, using trending hashtags might be the best. But at times, creating your own hashtags with your brand name can increase brand awareness and help your campaigns go viral. It is important to use both types of hashtags. Make sure to choose the most relevant one for your campaign or use a mix of both forms of hashtags.

Instagram ads

Using Facebook Campaign Manager, you can run ads by specifying the target audience and also listing the budget per day. Ensure that you specify the budget based on the goal of the campaign, like CPC (cost per click) or CPI (cost per impression).

Track the performance

There are a variety of metrics used to track the performance of your campaign, such as the total number of views, clicks, lead generation forms and traffic generated. The importance of metrics is based on the goal of your campaign. Monitor the performance and, depending on the results, revise your campaign strategy or content. Although changing the entire objective might not be possible, revising your posts or engagement ideas can be done.

Instagram is definitely a powerful platform to reach out to the next billion users. With all these points factored in, you are all ready to start your campaign that is sure to leave your audience awe-struck with your creative content.