12 Jul 2017 20:59 IST

Make your video go viral!

Don’t rush into making videos; cultivate the skill required and create quality content

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, do you often find yourself watching videos for extended periods of time? The simple reason for that is that video content is on the rise in India, and is currently among the hottest digital marketing trends . Have you ever noticed those views, likes, and shares near each video? They’re the viral-meter. The bigger the numbers are, the more viral the videos become.

But if you think it is easy to reach thousands of people, think again. Creating viral video content requires immense effort and consistency, and if you’ve been able to conjure up a winning recipe, stick to it!

Do you want to create a video? Read on, as we have put together a quick guide on the basic formula required to make your creation go viral.

Be relatable and inspiring

Nothing creates stronger engagement than a video that connects with the viewers’ inner psyche. If you learn and understand the audience you are targeting, you can easily create videos that stand out. Also, make sure it communicates the message effectively and in a manner that is both captivating and inspiring.

Keep it short

Gone are the days where sitting through a four-hour-long film was the definition of ‘entertainment’. Today’s internet-savvy world moves at such a fast pace that grabbing people’s attention is almost next to impossible.

Research shows that one-third of the average online consumers watch videos for around one minute only. According to a survey by The New York Times, 19.4 per cent of viewers stop watching videos after the first 10 seconds. So keep your videos fairly short, and if you can grab a viewer’s attention within the first eight seconds, you’ve hit jackpot.

Strike an emotional chord

If you are creating a video just for the sake of it, you might as well not make it at all. Plan well in terms of the story and structure, and most importantly, add flavours of emotion to it.

In India, comedy works best, with 60 per cent viewers preferring that genre. If your goal is to sell a product or promote a brand, make the consumers feel a sense of longing.

Take advantage of video optimisation tools

It is not enough to simply give your video an attractive title and post it on the internet. You have to optimise it to boost the viewership. YouTube and Facebook are the top video sharing sites, collectively constituting over 90 per cent of the total viewership. These channels give video publishers numerous optimisation options. Here’s how you can optimise to gain a stronger reach:

~ Tags: Tags help YouTube understand the context of your video, effectively linking it to others that talk about a similar subject. Tags also act as a guide for viewers who are looking for a specific element in the video. But use tags wisely as Google can catch you if you overdo the tags or mislead the viewers.

~ Description: The description is the place where you concentrate on utilising search keywords. These will help take the viewer from the Google Search page to the one where your video is playing.

~ Target audience: Facebook’s nifty marketing tools include a Target Audience Tracker, using which you can narrow down on a niche audience base depending on the type of video.

Make sure your creation is optimised for viewing on a smartphone, as a majority of consumers have switched to the smaller screen.

The better you are at optimising your video, the less you will end up spending on promotion. Learn how to create a low cost video to tell your brand story.

Promote your video everywhere

With so many video-sharing platforms available, your video will never gain traction if you post it only on YouTube or Facebook. Even if you thought of posting it only on one platform, make sure you expand its reach by cross-posting it on other sites.

Be sure not to overshare it though; it’s best to promote it on those sites where your target audience buzzes the most.

Blend the video with other content forms

The best, and probably the most widely-shared viral content is the kind that smartly mixes and matches various content forms into one. If you’ve got a blog or have found memes that are relevant to the topic of your video, make sure to incorporate them into your creation. The more information you provide, the better your reach and interaction will be.

Take the professional route

Which video are you more likely to use: one that is poorly edited, is of low quality with shaky imagery, or another with expert editing, excellent image quality, and precise camera angles?

If you chose the latter, your video will surely feature in the most viewed list. Don’t rush into making videos unless you’ve gained the required skill-sets. Calling for professional help from digital marketing experts should do the trick, as they have the know-how when it comes to making and promoting videos.

Have you come across any other innovative methods that can make a video go viral? Share your ideas in the comments below!