07 Sep 2016 19:01 IST

Telling your brand story via short and low-cost videos

With attention spans shrinking, videos are the best way to sell your brand

Who doesn’t love a good story? Humans are inherent suckers for good stories. Stories make us feel happy, sad, motivated, joyous, angry and nothing else can touch us and impact our thoughts the way they do. There is a reason we spend innumerable hours binge-watching television shows, or why we watch movies or bury ourselves in books. All of these mediums have one thing in common — stories! They’re all around us.

Storytelling is a very powerful communication tool and is probably the best way to build a brand. Brands that have made a mark and stand apart today have been successful in telling their stories in the most unique manner. There is also an art to storytelling and, when done right, can help you achieve exceptionally good results!

Powerful medium

We are all aware of the classic ways of storytelling — through words and images. Today, however, the trend has shifted towards videos. This holds true especially when applied to digital marketing. Videos are more powerful than simple imagery and are super illustrative. They are also memorable and create a stronger bond between the brand and the audience.

Videos can prove to be an extremely powerful medium and worthwhile for both brands and consumers. A lot of effort goes into conceptualising and producing a video, and it can be quite a costly exercise. But today there are a lot of ways in which you can create good quality videos on a low budget. Here are some:

~~ Opt for short videos to convey your message: Short videos are perfect for our hectic lives and short attention spans. Also, 70 per cent of smartphone users consume content via their mobile phones on the go. Thus, the crisper and briefer the content, the better. Instagram, Vine and many such other channels today host videos, apart from Facebook and Twitter. The world’s first Instagram trailer was released in 2013 for the movie Jobs; this was 15-seconds-long, packed with dramatic music, slow-motion shots of Ashton Kutcher reciting inspiring dialogues about eccentric, misfit rebels. It was almost like a proper theatrical trailer for the movie, except it was shorter.

Creating short-form videos is all about how creative you can get in less than a minute. These videos are streamed to viewers on a range of platforms that increase the reach exponentially. They are also far more successful and have a wider reach because they are “snackable” in nature and easier to consume, and producing them costs far less than creating a normal-length video.

For example, see the following created by self-publishing start-up, Notion Press.


~~ A smartphone can be an asset: It is not necessary to film a video with the help of high-end equipment, lights, and the like. Your best asset is in your pocket — your smartphone. As a brand, it might come across as a ridiculous idea, but it actually is a very cost-effective and quick way of creating videos. It is not necessary to get engulfed in creating videos with huge budgets. You can convey your story through an excellent video shot on your smartphone or tablet (which, of course, has a good quality camera).

For example, see this video created by a jewellery manufacturer at their workshop or the following Boomerang video created by Raintree Hotels on one of their chefs.


~~ Your script is paramount: The script plays a huge role in the video as well. The content should be clear and precise with no ambiguity. The video holds no power if the visuals are perfect but it lacks content; both are equally important. Thus, make sure you first get your script right. If you choose to outsource the production of a video, which includes the conceptualisation, it will cost you a substantial amount of money. However, preparing a script beforehandmight save you time and money.

~~ Affordable online marketplaces: The internet is usually a great place to find an answer for all your questions; and it’s no different in this case. There are some really great online marketplaces such as Fiverr.com, which has professionals listed on it from all over the world who can help create the video of your choice at really affordable prices starting at as low as $5. All you have to do is describe what you want your video to look like and they’ll get it done for you within a day or two. The system is commendable and you get what you seek for, at really good rates.

For example, see the whiteboard video by The Chennai Angels on “What to look for in your Co-Founder”.



~~ DIY Videos: If you do not wish you outsource your videos, you have the option of creating them yourself, for which tools are readily available online. Even beginners can create videos like a pro! Some examples are: Videoscribe, Animoto and Sparkol. With Videoscribe and Sparkol you can create amazing whiteboard-style animation videos. Animoto is inclined towards servicing users who are looking for a really simple way to create a video — all you need to do is select images and upload them with soundtracks provided by the tool.

For example, watch this ReservPlace DIY video on the Father-Daughter relationship.


With these tips, you can surely make the right impression with your videos. To make an amazing video all you need is an idea, a good script and the right tools. Gone are the days when we had to buy expensive video equipment. With the development in technology, you can create the perfect video for your brand at an affordable rate!