03 Jul 2020 20:27 IST

Top skills you should acquire in 2020 to boost your career

Here’s a clutch of online courses and diplomas to improve professional value and merit

With most of us working from home due to the lockdown, we might find ourselves with a little extra time to spare. This offers each of us the perfect opportunity to learn new skills that can help us grow professionally and personally. In today's day and age, knowledge and learning are never ending. And thanks to the great era of the internet, courses under all types of fields are brought to the comfort of your homes. We have listed down some of the most promising skills that you should learn this year to take your career to the next level.

    Digital marketing

      Digital Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fields of 2020 and beyond. Due to the expansion of the internet, every business, big or small, needs to have an effective digital presence in order to succeed. Understanding digital marketing is one of the most bankable skills you can have. This can help you grow in your current organidation or even shift to a new role. There are plenty of renowned courses online that can teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing. DigiGrad, for example, has programmes ranging from three-month in-depth courses to a three-hour intensive digital marketing to help you upskill yourself.

      Creative writing

      Creative writing is a vast area of expertise that includes content writing, copy editing, journalism, professional, academic or technical writing, and the like. If you’re good with words but just don’t understand how to pen them down, a course on creative writing will guide you to the right path. Many top online education platforms offer great courses in creative writing.

        Programming and coding

        With IT and software companies becoming some of the top employers, programming and coding skills are becoming the most required job skills of 2020. Coding is basically converting codes from one language to another and programming is the process of writing codes that keep human input and machine output in sync. This might require a little more time to learn if you are completely new to the field, but there are a number of online courses that start from the basics.

        Critical thinking and problem solving

        Critical thinking and problem-solving are skills required in day to day life as well as in your professional life. This refers to your capability to use proper facts, knowledge, and data to solve problems and think strategically. Strategyex, Udemy and Skillshare provide great online courses that shape your ability to do this so you can perform better at your workplace.

          Emotional intelligence

            Emotional intelligence is the characteristic of building great leadership qualities by enhancing mindfulness and reversing stress. This helps individuals perform better, faster, and promotes decision-making skills. There are a number of inspiring courses on emotional intelligence that can help you develop into a better leader. With many people becoming more stressed due to the new work-from-home situation and the ongoing pandemic, emotionally intelligent managers are the need of the hour.

              Analytical reasoning

                Analytics is a system of analysing data and statistics and drawing meaningful insights from them. Organisations implement analytics to business data and statics in order to analyse, describe, anticipate, and boost the performance of the business. Analytics is a wide spectrum that includes web analysis, big data analysis, risk analysis, retail analysis and many more. There are a number of online courses that teach data visualisation methods, analytics tools and programming languages to help you master this skill.

                Public speaking and communication

                When you work at an organisation, communication skills are a must. There will be many times when you will have to present, address, or speak to a large group of people. If this is a skill you have to work on, many top educational platforms offer excellent online courses on public speaking and communication. Many online courses can teach you the art of inspiring, persuasive and decisive communication.

                These online courses and diplomas will improve professional value and merit. Sign up for one or more of these courses and take your career a step higher!