09 November 2022 14:10:15 IST

81 per cent of developers in India are unhappy with salaries, reveals study

Only 19 per cent of developers in India say they are very satisfied with their salary and benefits, compared to 49 per cent of global respondents. Meanwhile, only 16 per cent believe that there are so many opportunities that they could easily get a better position right now.

Developers love their jobs, but retention is a challenge. In India, 54 per cent of developers say they love their jobs, compared to the APAC region where 59 per cent of respondents say the same. However, 59 per cent of developers in India said they would be with their current company a year from now (compared to 48 per cent of global developers) — and that percentage falls to 44 per cent (compared to 29 per cent of global developers) when looking two years out.

Close to 860 developers worldwide, including over 180 from the Asia Pacific region, were surveyed in a study conducted by OutSystems, a leading application development company. The new report uncovers the factors that motivate developers to stay with their companies and the frustrations that drive them away.

“As Asia Pacific becomes a major technology hub, enterprise leaders have started to look beyond hiring talent with relevant expertise to meet their digital transformation and innovation goals. Adopting a digital solution such as low-code development platforms could ease friction, toil, and resource issues that continually test developer motivation and frustratio,.” said Mark Weaser, Vice President APAC, OutSystems.

Global trends

In general, developers in APAC seem to love their jobs less than the global average. Despite this, developers in Australia buck the trend, as 76 per cent of Australian developers love their jobs with 81 per cent strongly agreeing that they really like the work they do, the highest among all the countries surveyed. On the other hand, developers in Singapore are much less satisfied with their current situation, with only 15 per cent saying they were satisfied with personal productivity.

The panel of developers surveyed spanned multiple industries and regions, including the Americas (United States, Mexico, Brazil), EMEA (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands), and APAC (Singapore, India, and Australia), said a release.