09 Jan 2018 16:00 IST

Turning wet, organic waste into compost on machine mode

Shekhar C Jindal, Founder and Managing Director, Synergia Metier Compost Eco friendly

Synergia believes ECOLEEN will contribute its part to Swachh Bharat

Synergia Metier has perfected its own way of contributing to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan — by transforming wet organic waste to compost, in all of 24 hours, through its product, ECOLEEN.

The automatic composting machine can be used wherever a kitchen is housed, be it homes, malls, theatres, canteens, restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools or colleges. It comes in various capacities — 25/50/100/200 kg regular models, as well as higher capacities as per specific requirements. “Wet waste is a prime issue at homes and other places. ECOLEEN transforms this waste into a useful product that can be used in kitchen gardens and farms,” says Shekhar C Jindal, Dounder and Managing Director, Synergia Metier.

The machine is pre-loaded with thermophilic bacteria which act on waste and help form compost in 24 hours. The bacteria can work for a lifetime if the dos and don’ts are properly followed, explained Shekhar. Waste from cut vegetables and fruits, food leftovers, garden waste, and non-vegetarian food leftovers can be put in the machine’s shredder. However, among the items that should be avoided are coal/charcoal, big bones from meat, dairy products, pet excreta, plastic, metals, medicines, pesticides, clothes, tapes, coconut shells, rubber, glass, cigarettes, batteries, acid and other inorganic material.


Explaining the history and features of the machine, Shekhar said: “ECOLEEN is the result of over 18 months of hard work by our R&D team. The product has been developed keeping in mind the rising need in the country for waste management solutions. The product has a powerful shredder and consumes very little electricity. At the end of the process, there is no spillage of water, odour or noise pollution. Also, it occupies very little space.”

According to Shekhar, installing ECOLEEN has many benefits. The machine takes a short period of time to make compost. The compost can be used at home or sold in the market. Once installed, the institution need not waste time or money to transport wet waste to disposal sites. Over time, these dumping sites can be put to better use. A cleaner environment will result in better health among citizens. Overall, each city can become a better place to live in, he said.

Though the computerised, easy-to-handle ECOLEEN was lauded at a Swadeshi Mela held in Chandigarh, Synergia Metier, headquartered at Chanalon, near Chandigarh, is yet to receive recognition or funding from the government. But that has not dampened Jindal’s spirits, who believes the product will contribute in a big way to taking forward the message of Swachh Bharat.

“Also, ECOLEEN will contribute to help Chandigarh retain its No 1 position in Swachh rankings.”