16 Dec 2017 17:37 IST

George Clooney working on Watergate series

The eight-part series will delve into the stories of certain key figures in the infamous scandal

Actors and filmmakers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, along with screenwriter-producer Matt Charman, are said to be working on a limited series that will explore the Watergate scandal that had forced the then US President Richard Nixon, out of office.

Charman, who co-wrote the screenplay for the Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg film Bridge of Spies, will serve as the writer on the eight-part limited series. It will delve into the stories of certain key figures in the infamous scandal.

Clooney and Heslov will be the executive producers, with sources saying that Clooney may also direct a part of the series should Netflix pick it up, reports Variety.com.

Sonar Entertainment, which will produce, inked a first look deal with Clooney and Heslov’s Smokehouse Pictures last year.

The history

The Watergate scandal erupted in June 1972 when five men were arrested for breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex in Washington D.C.

The subsequent investigation revealed a cover up initiated by high-ranking White House officials, that eventually forced Nixon’s resignation in 1974.

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