28 Sep 2015 18:31 IST

Travel, career topmost on women’s bucket lists: Survey

Survey by Ginger Hotels titled ‘Bucket List Study 2015’

Women today choose travel and career as the most important dreams to fulfill on their bucket lists, followed by money and put relationship goals as the least important, reveals a new survey.

The same report highlights that men choose relationships as the most important life-goal, followed by travel and money, while letting career take a backseat.

The results are part of the Ginger Hotels’ ‘Bucket List Study 2015’, which find that while Indian men continue to tread on the conservative path leading to dependable careers and satisfactory lifestyles, Indian women set unconventional goals and priorities.

The online survey took a sample of over 1146 respondents in India across regions who were invited to share their experiences and behaviour patterns.

Travel ranked first on women’s wishlist with 35 per cent of women surveyed putting travel on the top of their bucket lists. This was followed by Career (34 per cent), Money (43 per cent) and Relationships (34 per cent).

Men gave precedence to relationships over ambitions.

Relationships ranked first on the men’s wishlist with 32 per cent votes followed by travel (30 per cent), money (33 per cent) and career (30 per cent).

The survey also found that for women, it’s the experiences collected along the journey of life that hold more importance than assets as compared to men.

32 per cent of women stated that experiences had more value than assets while 19 per cent men valued assets more.

The survey found that 23 per cent consider their expenses keeping in mind their families and loved ones while it was only 14 per cent of women that did the same.

While women dream big about travelling, they find it harder than men to simply pack and travel on the word go!

While 32 per cent women are ready to travel whenever given a chance while only 27 per cent men do the same. However, 48 per cent women find it hard to get away and they travel only once a year while for men the numbers are 45 per cent.

Only 7 per cent women travel once a month, while for men it is 11 per cent.

Yet it is more men at 38 per cent than women at 31 per cent who would consult with their family before planning a trip. Today more women than men are open to travelling.

Travel ranked equally high for both men and women as the most envy inducing activity on Facebook!

46 per cent women and 41 per cent men ranked travel-related photos or statuses of friends on social media foremost as those that induced the most amount of envy.

Professional and career accomplishments, personal milestones and possessions of a dream gadget were ranked lower!

Both women (46 per cent) and men (37 per cent ) believed they were happy with their work-life if there is sufficient money and vacation time.

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