16 Jul 2020 20:20 IST

Fortune's misfortune

For Fortune Oil, a brand celebrating its 20th anniversary, it was a rude shock to become
the butt of social media ridicule last week. Cricketer Sourav Ganguly has been the face of Fortune Oil’s healthy heart campaigns and when Dada had a mild heart attack, social media users began trolling the brand for its claims of providing immunity. After initial silence, the promoters of the brand, the Adanis issued a statement saying Ganguly would remain their ambassador. But is there a broader lesson how brands should deal with such unforeseen situations?  “Brands need to listen to social media but they need not react. If they can come with a smart repartee it will be great. If not just lie low till the news cycle changes,” advises ad man Ambi Parameswaran. On the other hand, marketer Sandip Ghose feels the way for brands to deal with it is to take it head on with humour and facts. In short, the Adanis need not be hostage to fortune but use the opportunity.

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