16 Jul 2020 20:20 IST

Oats Floats

The Coca Cola company has just introduced an oat milk line in the US under its Simply  brand. Smart move, say industry observers, as America is lapping up the plant-based alternative milk. Several Starbucks stores have reported they have run out of oat milk, an offering introduced by the coffee chain only in March. But the biggest splash is being caused by Oatly, the 27-year-old Swedish oat milk company with quirky slogans and offbeat ads. With lines like “it tastes like shit”,  “may cause total boredom, like normal yoghurt,” Oatly has captured the imagination of an increasingly vegan movement embracing America. Oatly’s upcoming IPO with a rumoured valuation of $10 billion has made everyone sit up and take notice of this category. Oats milk is already the second most popular plant based milk in the US. While sales of dairy milk have been flat, plant based milk sales have grown by 14% in the US. For brands, it may be time to sow oats - wild or otherwise.