01 Feb 2019 14:02 IST

China vows increased US imports, IP protection at trade talks

It has also agreed to increase imports of US agricultural products and energy products

China agreed to increase imports of US goods and boost cooperation on protecting intellectual property during trade talks in Washington, Beijing’s official news agency said.

The two sides “attached great importance to the issues of intellectual property protection and technology transfer and agreed to further strengthen cooperation”, Xinhua said.

China also agreed to increase imports of “US agricultural products, energy products, industrial manufactured goods and service products” during the talks, the report said.

The talks in Washington come as the end —March 1— of the 90-day truce on US-China trade tariffs inches closer.

Last year, the Washington and Beijing imposed tariffs on more than $360 billion in a two-way trade in a bruising war that has spooked markets worldwide.

US duty rates on $200 billion in Chinese goods are due to rise to 25 per cent from 10 per cent if no agreement is reached in time.

In addition to IP protection and boosting US imports, Chinese and American trade officials also agreed that “effective measures will be taken to promote the balanced development of Sino-US trade”, said Xinhua in its report.