24 Aug 2016 17:41 IST

‘Europe inspires students and innovators in higher education’

Representatives from 17 partner universities were present during the orientation programme

Europe leads and inspires many students and innovators in many fields in higher education, according to Lyn Bartlett, Associated Dean (off campus programmes) of Andrews University, USA.

Speaking at the orientation programme of the 23rd batch of 150 students of International Centre for Applied Sciences (ICAS) at Manipal University in Manipal on Wednesday, he said that although European education, particularly research and higher education, is impacted by the financial crisis, still developments are taking place there, and Europe still leads and inspires many students and innovators in higher education in many fields.

He said that the overseas students alone contribute $30 billion to the US economy. Around 50 per cent of students coming to the US are from China, India and South Korea.

He said that ICAS and the partner universities have been working closely and will continue to do so to ensure a successful career of the students.

A press release by Manipal University said here that students study two years in ICAS and then move on to one of the partner universities of their choice to complete their graduation and get their engineering degrees from the partner university. The programme, which started in 1994, has seen over 1500 students graduating. ICAS has signed memorandum of understanding with 39 overseas universities.

Welcoming the gathering, Radhakrishna S Aithal, Director of ICAS, said that the centre prepares Indian students towards holistic higher education that facilitates their study in universities abroad.

“The programme is designed to be a perfect launch pad for those students who aspire to study and graduate from one of the top global universities we have a tie up with,” he said.

Representatives from 17 partner universities were present during the orientation programme. They were: Andrews University, US; Australian National University, Australia; Birmingham University, UK; City University, UK; Deakin University, Australia; Esigelec, France; Lancaster University, UK; Leicester University, UK; Queen Mary University of London, UK; Queensland University, Australia; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; RMIT University, Australia; Strathclyde University, UK; University of Dayton, US; University of Nottingham, UK; University of New South Wales, Australia; and Manipal International University, Malaysia.