20 May 2016 19:56 IST

IIIT Hyderabad to host Confluence Hyderabad on May 21

Conference looks to integrate innovations into a corporate’s current setup

The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad is organising and hosting a day-long ‘Confluence Hyderabad’ on May 21. Confluence Hyderabad is a joint workshop with industry leaders and institute faculty to identify and discuss deep-technology challenges, cutting across different industries and domains. Its end-objective is to seamlessly integrate new and innovative techniques in a corporate’s current setup to gain an edge in business efficiency and performance. Some of the critical areas which will be discussed during the workshop are Intelligence, Healthcare, Security, IOT & IOS and actionable analytics.

Speaking about the importance of research and the collaboration between industry and technology, Prof Vasudeva Varma, Dean (R&D) said, “Confluence Hyderabad is an event to help business meet technology. IIIT Hyderabad is focused on making its research relevant to the industry and society. Through a dialogue between IIIT Hyderabad faculty and industry leaders, we hope to identify a few significant Industry level problems that need attention from academic research. Here, we are making an attempt to understand the right problems and their complexities before we start working on the solutions. It is very important to listen to the problems on the field before investing a lot of valuable research time. We hope this exercise will be of immense value to both academic and industry partners.”

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