24 Apr 2017 15:37 IST

BizWiz #26

  • 1. Kishore P. Kharat, who was made the MD & CEO of Indian Bank recently, was swapped from his role as the MD & CEO of which bank?

  • 2. Identify this CEO of a global IT company.

  • 3. Which entertainer has various fragrances in the perfume range named Heat and Pulse?

  • 4. Which Bollywood actor owns Clean Slate Films?

  • 5. Which consortium recently won the bid to construct and operate the new airport at Navi Mumbai that will have a passenger handling capacity of 100 million per year when it becomes fully functional?

  • 6. Which of these Lexus models was not introduced when the luxury car maker debuted in India on March 24?

  • 7. Who could be the world’s first trillionaire in the next 25 years, according to a recent research by Oxfam International?

  • 8. Which two companies recently agreed a 46 billion euro merger to create a global eyewear powerhouse with annual revenue of more than 15 billion euros?

  • 9. Which is the world’s largest asset management company with $5.1 trillion in assets under management,?

  • 10. Which MNC’s foundation is called ‘Anandana’?

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