05 Aug 2016 16:58 IST

BizWiz #5

  • 1. With which African country would one associate ‘Shitto’ (sauce) and Pee Cola, two much ridiculed and disastrous brand names?

  • 2. What is the single biggest contribution of Belgium’s Alain Billiet to the European economy?

  • 3. With which company would one associate the quaintly named Day 1 South?

  • 4. This is Alexis Nasard. Of which footwear major is he the present CEO? (please use bust picture of Alexis Nasard)

  • 5. Which famous author was responsible for Irish Loan Fund, a pioneer in the field of microfinance, in the 18th century?

  • 6. According to a government-mandated study, what is the face value of the fake currency notes in circulation across the country?

  • 7. In 1918, Godrej launched the first soap in the world to be made without animal fat. It was called?

  • 8. Which IIM campus will conduct this year’s CAT?

  • This emblem appears below which brand name?

  • What is the combined market capitalisation of the new entity following the recent merger between Uber China and Didi Chixing?

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