12 Jun 2018 15:21 IST

BizWiz #53

  • 1. Name De Beers’ newly launched jewellery brand that features synthetic diamonds.

  • 2. British investment bank Barclays is to have its largest office outside of its London HQ in which Indian city?

  • 3. Window Seat Films is a new joint venture between Reliance Entertainment and which director?

  • 4. Which of these is not a destination in the new ITC Kohenur hotel in Hyderabad?

  • 5. Identify this young billionaire entrepreneur.

  • 6. Which Tata Group company is going to offer stock options to its employees?

  • 7. Which digital payments operator recently bought online ticketing platform TicketNew?

  • 8. Netmeds Marketplace Ltd, the Chennai-based online pharmacy, has roped in which sportsperson as its brand ambassador?

  • 9. Which capital city is served by the international airport named after the fifth Prime Minister of India?

  • 10. Which automobile maker is behind the web series ‘Rushes’?

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