21 Oct 2018 15:44 IST

BizWiz #56

  • 1. Effective October 13, 2018, the Finance Ministry has increased the interest rates for non-governmental PFs, gratuity and superannuation from 7.6% to?

  • 2. Which prominent sports person is behind the start-up ‘Spektacom Technologies’?

  • 3. In which US State is the Amway, the $8.6 billion direct selling company, based?

  • 4. Identify the person and the banking institution where he is the MD& CEO.

  • 5. In mid-2016, which entity became the first Indian company to issue 'masala bonds'?

  • 6. According to the latest Henley Passport Index, which country has the most powerful passport on the planet?

  • 7. Which telecom tower company recently became the 29th Indian company to win the Deming Prize?

  • 8. At which varsity is Gita Gopinath, the newly appointed Chief Economist of the IMF, a professer of economics?

  • 9. Which bank has launched India’s first banking robot Lakshmi?

  • 10. Which State has topped the ‘2018 Ease of Living Index’ rankings launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs?

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