06 Dec 2018 16:26 IST

BizWiz #59

  • 1. Beginning January 1, 2019, SEBI has decided to cut listing time for an IPO to how many days from the six at present?

  • 2. Microlender Swadhaar FinServe is wholly-owned subsidiary of which bank?

  • 3. Who will be the mobile telephone service provider for Indian Railways from the new calendar year?

  • 4. Abhijit Bose has been appointed the India head of which social messaging platform?

  • 5. Who recently unveiled the ‘X5-Touch’ touted as the world’s first satellite smartphone?

  • 6. Which sportsperson is a new brand ambassador for BharatMatrimony?

  • 7. For its biggest acquisition ever, how much is SAP paying for Qualtrics International Inc., whose software gathers and analyses data?

  • 8. Anju Seth has become the first woman director of which IIM?

  • 9. Who recently forayed into the apparel segment with its flagship store Paridhan?

  • 10. After UK and Australia, which is the Commonwealth country in which Ola has launched operations?

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