23 Oct 2019 21:26 IST

BizWiz #71

  • 1. In the latest annual Global Competitiveness Index compiled by World Economic Forum, India ranks 68th. Which Asian country has replaced the US at the top?

  • 2. Which entity has become the first UN organisation to hold and make transactions in cryptocurrency?

  • 3. Which has been Alphabet (Google)’s biggest acquisition to date at $12.5 billion?

  • 4. Which is the third largest reserve currency in the world after the US dollar and Euro?

  • 5. Which is the most profitable company in the world, raking in about $304 million per day?

  • 6. Name this influential CEO and the entity she heads.

  • 7. Who has never been the President of the World Bank?

  • 8. Which institution estimates the National Income figures?

  • 9. Which south Indian actor will promote ‘Kay by Katrina’, Katrina Kaif’s cosmetic brand?

  • 10. The composing duo of Vishal and Shekar feature in which automobile brand’s TVC?

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