31 Dec 2019 13:31 IST

BizWiz #73

  • 1. Who is Fortune magazine’s ‘Businessperson of the Year 2019’?

  • 2. Who is this and of which luxury giant is he the CEO?

  • 3. The biggest deal ever in the luxury sector was announced recently with Tiffany being bought for $16.2 billion. Who is the buyer?

  • 4. Name Amazon’s newly launched podcast app in India.

  • 5. Tara Sinha, the first Indian woman to set up an advertising agency in India, passed away recently. Name the agency.

  • 6. In which country is Billund, the hometown of Lego?

  • 7. Which Indian sportsperson has launched the premium home décor brand DaOne?

  • 8. Which company recently became the first Tata entity to extend medical cover benefits to LGBTQ+ employees?

  • 9. Which Indian is ranked #54 in Forbes’ ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’?

  • 10. According to its tagline, Morris Garages (MG) has been in existence since?

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