25 Feb 2020 16:53 IST

BizWiz #74

  • 1. What is the financial term for a company valued at over $100 billion?

  • 2. Which business legend, known for using a old flip phone, made this statement recently: “My flip phone is permanently gone. The number’s been changed.”

  • 3. What is NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service called?

  • 4. Which of these sites are ‘blocked’ in China: 1. Dropbox, 2. Telegram, 3. Vimeo, 4. BBC

  • 5. Name this India-born CEO.

  • 6. Which bank’s tagline is ‘Experience our Expertise’?

  • 7. Which former Indian CM’s family is behind the Heritage Group, one of the larger private sector dairy enterprises?

  • 8. Ambadi Investments is the family holding company of which group?

  • 9. Which European country’s passport pages are like a flip-book that shows a moose walking?

  • 10. Which country doesn't have Dinar as its currency?

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