09 Mar 2020 15:06 IST

BizWiz #75

  • 1. Which of these actors is not a brand ambassador for the Kajaria group?

  • 2. Which famous chain was founded by William Rosenberg?

  • 3. Which brand recently launched a dual-screen smartphone in India?

  • 4. With which airline has HDFC jointly launched the co-branded credit card ‘Ka-ching’?

  • 5. In one of its biggest deals, how much is Morgan Stanley paying (in billion $) to acquire discount broker E-TRADE?

  • 6. Which leading US bank has agreed to pay $3 billion fine to settle a civil lawsuit over a fake account scandal that became public in 2016?

  • 7. Name the first non-life insurance company in India to use WhatsApp chatbot for complete services like policy documents delivery, renewal notices & claim intimations?

  • 8. Which European country has begun the testing of e-Krona, touted as the world’s first Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

  • 9. In which city is Google planning to launch its second Google Cloud region for India in 2021?

  • 10. Rishi Sunak, UK’s new Chancellor of the Exchequer, is the son-in-law of which famous Indian industrialist?

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