22 Apr 2020 20:57 IST

BizWiz #76

  • 1. Which financial institution has planned to launch a special train ‘Swavalamban Express’ to empower budding entrepreneurs?

  • 2. The Central government has raised the threshold for invoking insolvency under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code from Rs. One lakh to Rs. ______.

  • 3. Which cricketing knight’s wine company has a pair of crossed stumps as its logo?

  • 4. From which country does the fashion major H&M originate?

  • 5. Who has picked up the lowest stake amongst these recent investors in Jio Platforms?

  • 6. Late last year, music maestro Ilayaraja created his first-ever corporate anthem. For which company?

  • 7. How much did Hindustan Unilever Limited shell out for the Horlicks brand recently?

  • 8. Which Indian bank’s chatbot is called ADI?

  • 9. Who recently bought Zoom rival BlueJeans for less than $500 million?

  • 10. Which Indian auto major has developed ‘B-Safe Hand Sanitizer’?

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