27 May 2020 16:27 IST

BizWiz #77

  • 1. Who has launched ‘Hyperpure’, a supplies platform for restaurants?

  • 2. Who owned LG Polymers before 1997?

  • 3. Which of these brands is NOT owned by Kering S.A., the French multinational corporation and conglomerate?

  • 4. Name this Indian billionaire

  • 5. Who has picked up the lowest stake amongst these recent investors in Jio Platforms?

  • 6. Google ended the long-time policy of keeping YouTube financials under wraps by revealing its advertising revenue for 2019. How much did the video site rake in?

  • 7. Ron Chernow’s book ‘Titan’ chronicles the life of…?

  • 8. In which of these cities, is there only one ITC Luxury Collection property?

  • 9. Which country’s bullion coins have the Noah’s Ark as a motif?

  • 10. What type of ‘hundi’ is payable after a specified period of time, like a ‘time bill’?

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