30 Jun 2020 22:21 IST

BizWiz #78

  • 1. Which entity has launched an affordable housing loan scheme named ‘SARAL’?

  • 2. Which former RBI Governor has authored ‘Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver’?

  • 3. Which former RBI Governor is part of Asian Development Bank’s advisory panel to tackle COVID-19 in South East Asia?

  • 4. Name this MD of an Indian bank.

  • 5. Which airlines, the world’s largest operator of Boeing 747s, is retiring its entire jumbo jet fleet with immediate effect?

  • 6. Which State has provided the most employment under MGNREGA as per government data released on June 15, 2020?

  • 7. Into what regularly consumed product is Amul planning to enter by Diwali?

  • 8. Name Microsoft’s venture fund which recently opened an India office in Bengaluru.

  • 9. Which Indian has been chosen EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year for 2020?

  • 10. What is 'The Economist' magazine’s column on Business called?

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