23 Jul 2020 19:33 IST

BizWiz #79

  • 1. In a first of its kind use of technology globally, Indian Railways has collaborated with which entity to feed power generated from solar energy directly onto the overhead traction?

  • 2. Which former RBI Governor has authored ‘Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver’?

  • 3. Which bread brand has recently launched ‘immuno bread’?

  • 4. In the largest US deal of this year so far, how much is semiconductor maker Analog Devices Inc shelling out (in an all-stock deal) to buy Maxim Integrated Products Inc?

  • 5. Which airlines, the world’s largest operator of Boeing 747s, is retiring its entire jumbo jet fleet with immediate effect?

  • Identify this CEO of a cosmetics major.

  • 7. Who owns Shazam, the popular application that identifies music, movies, etc. based on a short sample?

  • 8.What is Axis Bank’s virtual assistant called?

  • In which Asian airline are you flying if the in-flight magazine was ‘Colours’?

  • Which automobile company’s tagline is ‘Trusted to Deliver Excellence’?

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