27 Aug 2016 16:35 IST

BizWiz #8

  • 1. Which Maharatna recently launched a ₹100-crore start-up fund on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee year?

  • 2. In the annual Global Innovation Index, released recently by business school INSEAD and UN agency WIPO, India has moved from the 81st place to..?

  • 3. Name this gentleman and the post he holds.

  • 4. Which was the fifth IIM to be set up that completed 20 years of academic excellence recently?

  • 5. If all goes well, which airline would become the first Indian private carrier to fly to the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)?

  • 6. From which prestigious varsity did RBI’s Urjit Patel get his PhD?

  • 7. Which giant Indian corporate started in the 1940s making rubber balloons?

  • 8. Which airline’s logo is shown here?

  • 9. Which iconic mascot was created by Willard Scott?

  • 10. Which of these is NOT a current SEAT car model?

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