11 Jun 2021 10:50 IST

BizWiz #84

  • 1. Soma Mandal is the chairperson of which CPSE?

  • 2. Which term was coined by Professors Alexander Haslam and Michelle K. Ryan of University of Exeter?

  • 3. Identify and of which Fortune 100 company is she the CEO?

  • 4.Washwell, Thrill, Rhythm are brands of soaps from which State’s State-owned manufacturing unit?

  • 5. Recently, who along with Anand Mahindra, chose TecHalli as a new moniker for Bengaluru via a Twitter contest?

  • 6. G7 nations recently agreed to set minimum global corporate tax rate at what percentage?

  • 7. In March, Elon Musk was given a new designation at Tesla. What?

  • 8. Where is the HQ of World Trade Organization?

  • 9. Early this year, Hyderabad-based manufacturer Medha Servo Drives was awarded a Rs. 2211 crore tender to do what?

  • 10. Which of these auto companies is not part the BSE Sensex?

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