04 January 2022 16:30:22 IST

Shiv Shivakumar's spirited lessons for MBAs entering corporate life

Speaking at the grand finale of BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021, he offers six insights to B-schoolers.

Shiv Shivakumar, Group Executive President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla group, discusses what newly-minted MBAs should know as they begin their corporate careers. Shivakumar was Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo India for four years, and CEO for Nokia in India and emerging markets for a decade. He discusses six must-have skills in alphabetical order: Agility in learning: The value of a concept is less than a year today. You have to constantly learn in order to ensure that you are relevant, but more importantly, to deliver value to your company, teams, and ecosystem partners. Benchmark your performance: Never be relative in performance. Ask yourself: Am I a better version of myself compared to yesterday? You should benchmark to be the very best in your craft and constantly raise standards. Collaboration: There are many tools in the workplaces today which help you collaborate, for instance, digital technology. Individual brilliance cannot always see you through, you need to take people along who might challenge your ideas. Collaborate extensively. Discipline: Discipline is core to being trusted. If you are not disciplined, you need luck and charm. Maintain a thorough diary and schedule. Earn it: Deserve before you desire. An MBA degree is not a guarantee of anything. An MBA opens, at best, the first door to you, second window maybe, but it is always your performance and abilities that get you far. Fitness: Staying physically fit is critical to your mental health. Have a fitness schedule and follow systematically. Watch the grand finale of the BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021 here.