04 January 2022 16:34:14 IST

Masterclass on how to solve a business case by Vishwadeep Kuila

Speaking at the grand finale of BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021, Kuila offers realistic advice to crack a case.

An IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, Vishwadeep Kuila, Founder-Director of Brand Vectors, set the semi-finals case of BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021. Here, he explains how to approach, understand, and solve a business case effectively. Identifying objectives: There are no direct questions in real-life complex business problems. So do not expect the problem statement to be handed out when solving a case because it is usually hidden under layers of data, research, and information. Reading the case: Read the case at least twice without trying to figure out what it is about. This helps you load important data onto your RAM for quick and better processesing. Understanding the crux: Write down all the hypotheses that come to mind on what the case could be testing. Filter out the most plausible one based on the data and hints present in the case. Data analysis: Make what-if tables to understand the different variables at play. Look for hidden riders in the case and come up with an optimum key solution. Solution integrity: Put the solution to the pressure test and have checks and balances. Use of tools and techniques: Do not force-fit tools into a solution. Common sense is the best tool. Use tools only when the data is extremely complex and large to crack. Case presentation: Remember who you are presenting to. Knowing your audience helps tailoring your content accordingly. Taking questions: Be exact and to-the-point. Confess, if you had not thought of it.

Watch the grand finale of the BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021 here.